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The Chronicles of Celadmore is a fantasy series based in a fictional realm, written by C.S. Woolley. The Chronicles of Celadmore fall into the epic fantasy end of the fantasy genre with some influencing elements of gothic fiction and gritty realism that combine to create a fantasy series that is for those who like fantasy and those who don’t. Some of the more fantastical elements of magic and mythical beasts are missing from the series which makes them accessible to those who normally avoid the fantasy genre. The realm of Celadmore is one that is fully formed with lots of different kingdoms that each have their own cultures, languages and religions. They also have their own histories, intrigues and relationships with other kingdoms and there is even a coalition of Free Cities that do not bend the knee to any monarch. The Chronicles of Celadmore follow the royal line of Anagura and Queteria, the founders of the tribal people known as the Order. There are also plans for a spin off series of novels under the series title The Dragonian Wars.

Rising Empire TrilogyEdit

Rising Empire follows the life of Queen Kasnata as she fights for her family, her people and peace in the realm of Celadmore.

Rising Empire: Part 1Edit


An empire will rise and nations will fall.

The nine kingdoms of Celadmore are at war. The people suffer under tyrants that strive to gain land and power in the struggle for superiority. Queen Kasnata, the wife of King Mercia Nosfa VI is trapped in a loveless, political marriage, her children are being held hostage by her husband to force her armies to march on his every whim. The people of Grashindorph, the capital city of Nosfa, are oppressed by their king and beneath the surface of the city a revolution stirs. As war threatens to tear Celadmore to pieces, Kasnata struggles to bring peace back to the realm, fighting against bribery and corruption to bring hope to all those that are oppressed, as well as those that have been caught in the savagery of warring kings. Can the legendary queen, Empress of the Order find the strength to fight knowing the fate of her people rests on her shoulders?

“We assume he has been alone with the queen for the last few days and yet no one seems too concerned about it. He seems to have the trust of a lot of very suspicious individuals. If I were an assassin or a spy, then that is how I would infiltrate our people.” Misna observed with a shrug.

“You are an assassin, spy and infiltrator.” Amalia said with a raised eyebrow.

“Then perhaps we should be more mindful of General Bird than we have been.”

Rising Empire: Part 2Edit

Front REPT2 redesign
A blood moon rises and madness is unleashed

The nine kingdoms of Celadmore are at war. The people suffer under tyrants that strive to gain land and power in the struggle for superiority. 

Kasnata, Queen of the Order and Queen of Nosfa leads her armies against the people of Delma. A war she did not want to fight, but her husband, the King of Nosfa, Mercia Nosfa VI has forced her hand.

Leinad, the heir to the throne of Nosfa and son of Kasnata, is held hostage in the city of Grashindorph where revolution is beginning. Hermia, mother of Mercia and former Queen of Nosfa leads the revolution against her son, a revolution to end the wars and tyranny that their people suffer under. Kasna and Kia are safe from their father in the Oasis of Tulna, but Duke Kelmar DeLacey, Regent of Delma, still hunts for them.

Kasnata's empire is growing and her legacy is being forged through war, not diplomacy, a mantle her people will carry down the ages. But there is more at work than any mortal knows, their lives, though fleeting, will form the realm and the consequences of their actions will be felt for centuries to come.

“The people of Grashindorph screamed and wept. The soldiers that remained to guard the city had been turned against the people. Innocent people were dragged from the homes in the middle of the day as well as the night. Those that were taken without a fight were not seen again, those that tried to resist were boarded up in their homes with their families and the buildings set alight, so that all that was within them was tuned to ash.  Helez and Asahel could do nothing to help the people of Grashindorph. They watched in silence from the rooftops, and followed those that were arrested. They knew where those accused of treachery were being held, but with only two of them, they could not attempt to rescue them all. So the two men waited, gathering what information they could, praying that the Gibborim would soon be able to move against the king and end the madness.“

Rising Empire: Part 3Edit

The streets run red with rebellion.

The siege of Delma has not been broken. Kasna remains a prisoner, a prize of war and a bargain chip to be used against her mother. Duke Kelmar DeLacey, the Regent of Delma, must choose between obeying his King, gone mad, and the woman he loves, the daughter of his most dangerous enemy.

Neesa, the last heir of Valia, assaults the fortress of Animoore, the first outpost of Kasnata’s new empire, the haven where the son and daughter of Rathe and Kasnata were supposed to be safe. Yoav and the Eight fight to protect them, but the might of the blood moon is an overwhelming force that is feeding Neesa’s power. 

The guardians have left the Ballo Fortress and move to advise Kasnata in the absence of the Abbott and Cassandra. Cassandra is headed north with Tola, Shamgar and a boy that is as dangerous as he is mysterious. The Abbott is in the Spire, waiting for events to unfold before he emerges from it. 

King Mercia Nosfa VI holds Lady Mia captive, a trap laid to capture her brother and traitor to his people, General Rathe Bird. But the king’s madness increases with every passing day, losing what is left of his mind under the influence of Neesa’s magic. Mia weeps over Joab, her heart and will broken, resigned to her fate as a unwilling second bride of the king.

Rathe, Mathias, Asahel and Helez strike at the heart of Grashindorph, undermining the power of the king, working to free Mia, as Layla and Jephthah have been dispatched to the streets of Grashindorph to find leaders amongst the people to finally start their revolution and rescue Prince Leinad from the clutches of his father. 

Kasnata’s empire is rising, the people of the cities of Celadmore can taste revolution in the air as the Gibborim stirs, but how will those that have fought and died be remembered and how will the most dangerous secrets of Celadmore be buried?

Shroud of Darkness TrilogyEdit

A fantasy book trilogy that was 16 years in the making. The trilogy follows Venetia, a queen amongst her people in the fantasy realm of Celadmore. Strange occurrences in her home world have Venetia searching for answers as to whether an old evil has returned or if a new threat has arisen.

Shroud of DarknessEdit


Evil stirs, and she will answer. Four years after the Dragonian Wars raged across the realm of Celadmore, leaving it ravaged and ruined; Venetia, Queen of one of the five Anaguran tribes has seen evil lurking once more. She led the Allied Spirit of Celadmore to victory against the tyrant, Dragonious, but the world has changed. Politics, deception and mistrust have separated the old alliances so now each nation stands alone. It is up to Venetia to unite not only the five tribes of Anagura, but all the peoples of Celadmore to fight against an unseen enemy that threatens to destroy the peace that she has fought so hard to achieve.

“Gevana is still married?” Cryxander sounded disbelieving and spoke loudly enough for Gevana to hear. She threw a contemptuous look at him.

“Yes to a Queterian named Camerno. His father is a retired Queterian General. Most Queterians live for a long time and so retire from their tribes, unlike Anaguras who on the most part die young, but Venetia and Dominia’s friends are Anaguras’ who wanted to stay on the mainland after the Dragonian Wars, probably the only living ones.” She sighed and looked up at her sister’s back. “It’s because the Queterians have a philosophy more in tune with that of Ralenda, every action has a consequence, think before you act, whereas most Anaguras seem to have the same motto as Venetia.”

“What, that a sword to the stomach will help someone spill their guts faster?” Cryxander asked.

Tatinia and Allamonto laughed.

“Something like that.” Allamonto agreed.

Lady of FireEdit


Traitors will be found, the world must be saved.

United they must stand for destruction is upon them. The realm of Celadmore faces it's destruction as a war that none perceived is brought against them. Venetia, Queen of the Order of Anagura and Queteria, must forge a new alliance between the nations of Celadmore against the evil that Aksoth, Lord of Nether Roth, is set to unleash. The Allied Spirit of Celadmore must be raised and march once more.

Venetia, Queen of Dark Fire, so sure of her victory in war may now suffer a defeat that will destroy her home realm of Celadmore. The dark forces are gathering, their mastermind, Aksoth, has revealed himself. No Oracle predicted his coming, no warrior was prepared. Venetia must gather her companions and ally the divided nations of the realm of light or face it's utter destruction.

"They were larger than most of the beasts that Venetia had come across before but they were unprepared to face the queen of the Anaguras. She watched them approach from behind the tower. They were moving with caution, looking for any sign of whom or what had been using the portal.

She waited until they had all stepped into the blood pool before she struck. Her Clambria Yesma had killed the first before the Nether kin realised that any one was there. The others attacked ferociously, their claws and teeth coming close to her throat on more than one occasion.

She fought back, dragging out the altercation for as long as she could, trying to judge whether any reinforcements would be sent to aid this small force. When none appeared she felt satisfied that there would be no second wave.

She parried and thrust until the last of the Nether kin shuddered, the life passing out of its body. For a minute Venetia stood, drenched in blood from the pool and from the creatures she had killed. She looked down at her hands and stared at the blood that stained them and wondered for the first time about how much blood she had shed and what it would look like if she could see the blood of all those she had killed staining her skin.

The moment passed as she shook her head and regained her composure. She was still in the enemy's realm and needed to return to her own."

End of DaysEdit

Front End of Days 1200
Mistrust runs like a fever through the city.

The end is here. Aksoth's forces roam unchecked across the plains of Celadmore; the people of Celadmore have been forced to retreat to the fallen city of Grashindorph. 

Within the city there is trouble. Leaders of each of the countries of Celadmore seek to control the city. 

Mistrust runs like a fever through the city. Scheming and corruption distract the people from preparing to stand against Aksoth in one final battle. 

Revolution stirs amongst the poorest of the people; Venetia seeks to restore Gruagadon to his rightful place on the throne of Nesca and will sacrifice anything to get him there. 

Harmony is so far from their grasp that the thought of victory fades as forces, beyond the control of any mortal, clash and the future of Celadmore is decided.

In this final bastion, they must find victory or Aksoth will purge the realm of light of all life.

“Water.” Cryxander called for as he watched the Fallen Prince with a brow furrowed with concern.

Venetia was surprised to see such worry from her best friend. Cryxander and Venetia had been friends since childhood and none knew the queen as well as the Lord of Allamontia did. He had not trusted or liked the Fallen Prince since the two had met but as of late, Cryxander's distaste had lessen somewhat to something akin to friendship with the prince.

“You fool.” Venetia admonished him as she fell to her knees and embraced her husband. Gruagadon tenderly held his wife as Morwenna brought forward a moorin skin of water and handed it to Cryxander.

“I did not want to disturb your rest with my listlessness.” Gruagadon whispered to her.

“Here.” Cryxander interrupted and he offered the water to the exhausted prince. Venetia looked at her oldest friend. His was as tired as Gruagadon but trying not to let it show.

Fading Dawn TrilogyEdit

When Darkness FallsEdit

Peace cannot survive as a new threat rises.

Gruagadon is king, the dead kingdom of Nesca has been resurrected by the return of the Fallen Prince to the throne, but all is not well in the realm of Celadmore.

One evil has been defeated, Venetia, Allamonto, Kania and Nodarto gave their lives, along with many others, to defeat Aksoth, but as one evil falls another rises to take its place.

A new guardian brought the old age to an end, but the nature of evil is set to endure.

“You know, most kings would disapprove of you using their bedchambers for such carnal activities.” Gruagadon couldn’t help but smile.

Most kings would have me killed for stepping inside their walls.” Caslo shrugged in response.

“That’s true, though with your skills, would they know that you were there?” Gruagadon asked.

That all depends on the lady,” Caslo grinned, “though speaking of ladies, Dorella will be undergoing the warrior trials on Anamoore soon. She will be the first since the death of her mother to undertake them.

“And if the ambassador for the Needwood hadn’t driven me from my bed, then that thought alone would be enough to keep me up all night. Do you think she will succeed?” Gruagadon couldn’t hide the concern he felt for his daughter.

Ralenda wouldnt let her take the test unless she was certain that Dorella would succeed,” Caslo assured the king, “if youll both excuse me, I think I best see to the ambassador before she starts roaming the halls in search of you.

Torn AllegianceEdit


Fading DawnEdit


Ailing Light TrilogyEdit

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